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Arduino chip

I’m most likely going to order the Uno chip, but if you desire something else or have any suggestions let me know in the comments.

Arduino Project Ideas

Ultrasonic Tape Measure Morse Code Flasher LED Rainbow Fader Bike Lights with Turn Signals Simple Bots FireHero Power Laces Also see here These are just a few cool ideas, if you come up with something interesting that you’d like to do then share it in the comments. Also for more try using Google!

Instructable Project Planning

The first deadline is coming up next Friday (April 20) and that will be the date that you have your project plan completed. Notice I didn’t say finalized. This is more of an informal thing. We just want to see that you’ve planned out your remaining schedule and what you expect to get done in […]

Final Project Description and Outline

I’ll be writing a series of posts that detail the final project, what is expected, some ideas to get your creative juices flowing, and some overall tips, and maybe more. This post will be to give you a more concrete idea of what is expected of you for the final three weeks of the lab. […]

Final Project Project Ideas

New Twitter Assignment

For extra credit (3 extra points, which is the equivalent of full credit for commenting in lab notebooks), I would like each of you to tweet one thing you liked and one thing you didn’t like about FigShare. Here are the specifics: You are doing two tweets. 1.) Something you liked about using FigShare. 2.) […]

Lecture 6 and 7 Sketch Notes

Clicking on the images should bring up a higher res version.

BenchFly Thread

BenchFly is a scientific video website originally designed for video protocols, but that doesn’t mean that’s its only function. I’ve used it for protocols, but I’ve also used it for instruction. I posted a video that talks about using OpenWetWare as an open notebook platform and I plan on uploading videos that talk about Google […]

Lecture 5 sketchnote

Click the image to see a larger view.

FigShare 101

FigShare is an open data repository that allows scientists to get credit for ALL their research. The idea is that scientists only publish their best data in peer-reviewed publications but they do a lot of other important stuff that goes by the wayside. With FigShare you can upload failed experimental data, negative data (data contrary […]

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