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Instructable Project Planning

The first deadline is coming up next Friday (April 20) and that will be the date that you have your project plan completed. Notice I didn’t say finalized. This is more of an informal thing. We just want to see that you’ve planned out your remaining schedule and what you expect to get done in that time frame. Here are some things that you should have in your project outline:

  1. What you intend to build and why you are choosing to build this.
  2. Outline of when you expect to get things done by – you want a real timeline here. Project management is crucial and you should really stick to your timeline to ensure success
  3. Equipment needs and cost – yes your project will cost money so make sure you document where you are going to buy things from and make sure you allocate costs correctly. You don’t want to buy something expensive and break it and then need to get another one. The arduino’s will be supplied by the lab, so don’t worry about that, but you should still put that in your equipment need and cost list. Overall, try to keep your project as low cost as possible. No one wants to build something that costs >$200 unless it flies, steals money, or does something extraordinarily cool.
  4. References – where did you get your idea from, are you planning on using freely available code, etc?

Remember the sooner you get this done, the sooner you can start doing fun stuff, and the sooner Steve and I can give you feedback on your project.

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