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Scoring Rubrick

I’ve added a scoring rubrick to the grades page so you know exactly what we are looking for when we grade your notebooks. But it is still ok to COPY (gasp!) what your classmates do in terms of keeping a good notebook.

Commenting in different notebooks

Since we are all using different notebooks to keep track of our data, it can be unclear exactly how you should leave a comment in a new platform. Well it will no longer be unclear after this little tutorial. Let’s get into it: WordPress: This is by far the easiest to comment in. Just click […]

Makeup HW: Ted Talks

If you missed the Physics Colloquium on Friday there is a makeup opportunity scheduled for Thursday evening at 9pm. Those that missed will watch a TED Talk by MIchael Nielsen about Open Science (approx 15min long) and will “live” tweet the talk in conjunction with myself and whomever else wants to get in on the […]

Twitter Homework

Lightning: Physics and Protection Systems talk by Marvin Morris, illustrated by Anthony Salvagno

From my count there were 8 of you present and active in the live tweet session: George, Maria, Adrian, Paul, Skylar, Brian, John, and Stephen. If I missed you then please leave a comment. You all get A’s for the homework! The point of the assignment was to get a feel for how collaborative communication […]


LabVIEW learning

We have a couple of LabVIEW books in the KochLab that I could leave in the class lab for you all to use for reference. One is a pretty decent intro to LabVIEW book and the other is a book of tutorials that walk you through building tons of different apps. I found that book […]

Things to report about Twitter

It should be noted that it is only ethical to ask the presenter if it is ok to live tweet the talk tomorrow. I doubt he will have any opinion either way but if he is skeptical just explain it is for a class assignment. Most of the things you guys say will just be […]

Information overload? It doesn’t have to be…

I know, you guys are pissed you have to do twitter as well as the notebooks. At least I didn’t make you do Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Flickr, etc. And I know you may feel overwhelmed with the amount of things you have to keep track of, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. […]

Homework for week of Monday Feb 06, 2012

From the email: Because you have it easy this week, you all have to do the one thing you all groaned about last week. Here is your assignment: Sign up for twitter Follow @thescienceofant and @skoch3 Go to the physics colloquium on Friday and live tweet the presentation and converse with each other. Use the […]

Lecture and Lab Cancellation

For the week of Monday Feb 06 both lecture and lab are cancelled. An email has been sent to each of you. If you did not get the email but are seeing this page then what are you complaining about?


This is primarily how Steve and Anthony will communicate with the class. All notebooks can be accessed via the main page and updates on what is going on will occasionally be highlighted in this space. We may also experiment with some stuff and all that will be posted here as well. Feel free to leave […]

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