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Final Project Project Ideas

New Twitter Assignment

For extra credit (3 extra points, which is the equivalent of full credit for commenting in lab notebooks), I would like each of you to tweet one thing you liked and one thing you didn’t like about FigShare. Here are the specifics: You are doing two tweets. 1.) Something you liked about using FigShare. 2.) […]

Makeup HW: Ted Talks

If you missed the Physics Colloquium on Friday there is a makeup opportunity scheduled for Thursday evening at 9pm. Those that missed will watch a TED Talk by MIchael Nielsen about Open Science (approx 15min long) and will “live” tweet the talk in conjunction with myself and whomever else wants to get in on the […]

Twitter Homework

Lightning: Physics and Protection Systems talk by Marvin Morris, illustrated by Anthony Salvagno

From my count there were 8 of you present and active in the live tweet session: George, Maria, Adrian, Paul, Skylar, Brian, John, and Stephen. If I missed you then please leave a comment. You all get A’s for the homework! The point of the assignment was to get a feel for how collaborative communication […]


Homework for week of Monday Feb 06, 2012

From the email: Because you have it easy this week, you all have to do the one thing you all groaned about last week. Here is your assignment: Sign up for twitter Follow @thescienceofant and @skoch3 Go to the physics colloquium on Friday and live tweet the presentation and converse with each other. Use the […]